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A Dixon Home Birth Experience

              "Taos Homebirth shared in my most intimate experience- Birth!  Giving birth to my son was the most fulfilling moment of my life and I am blessed to have been surrounded by loving, caring and knowledgeable midwives who valued my needs and concerns.  Can't wait to give birth again with these fine women!"                             


A Glowing Water Birth

            "I heaved and labored and wept and moaned and roared through the night---and my midwife had this fire beaming and blooming out of her eyes. And her hands were so perfectly warm. They were pressed with perfect pressure on my lower back at the times I needed and none of the times I didn't. Her tone was gentle, encouraging and devoted- all throughout the night. The midwives and my friends were softly talking and giggling in the kitchen as they brewed teas, napped, checked on me, and talked amongst themselves- it was in many ways the sunset of my memory of giving birth. Wise natural women taking care and making sure. I felt so incredibly safe, which enabled me to completely give and obey your every suggestion whether it was to stand up or to get our of the water- and when you'd say, "You're doing really good work." Those words came so perfectly and allowed me a deeper breath. I took those words to heart, as it did feel like the most demanding, most sacred, most trying and most worthwhile work I'd ever done. I cannot emphasize how magical my midwives' hands felt. My husbands' and dear friends' hands both felt heavy and forced, whereas my midwives' somehow knew. They are just naturals, and I am so glad they do what they do."

                                                                                                   -F. Hanna

"Roots" by Marcy Andrew

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