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About Taos Midwifery 

Taos Midwifery is owned and operated under the Certified Professional Midwives model of care specializing in offering maternity care in and out of the hospital setting.           

 We work to uphold a longtime tradition of midwifery in Taos acting as guardians of natural birth by offering a wellness model of maternity care.

In our services we draw on our extensive knowledge of herbal remedies and other holistic modalities.  We approach pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period as healthy and sacred life events that are deserving of individualized and culturally compassionate care only seeking medical intervention when necessary.             

We value building trusting and respectful relationships with our clients and work from a model of individualized care.  We take the time to discuss the risks and benefits of all standard procedures so that decisions are made based on the unique needs of each client while prioritizing safety for the mother and baby.           

We support clients in giving birth within the comfort of their own home.  Whether it is your first ever birth or first homebirth experience our extensive services ensure that you feel prepared to give birth at home. 

We offer water births, VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), doula services as well as annual exams and well woman care,


In the rare case that medical intervention is needed, we work seamlessly within the medical maternity care system. 


Northern New Mexico holds a long and textured history of midwifery.  Only 100 years ago, every Northern New Mexico village had their own partera (traditional midwife) who worked in trade for basic sustenance provided by their clients.  They held extensive knowledge of local herbal remedies and a complex understanding of a system of medicine specific to pregnancy and birth.  Much of this knowledge and tradition had already been lost by the time Elizabeth Gilmore and Tish Demmin, the grandmothers of current midwifery practice in Taos, arrived. Elizabeth’s influence has taken many different manifestations in our community - including the improvement of maternity care in our local hospital and the creation of a Birth Center that is currently run by the hospital.


Taos, often referred to as the soul of the southwest, is a small, mountainous, rural, farming community nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico. We experience four seasons and the high altitude makes for cold winters and cool nights even in the middle of summer.  The community here is culturally diverse and the landscape resplendent.  Taos Pueblo is a world heritage site and is the oldest inhabited pueblo in North America.  The blend of traditional cultures, a high concentration of artists and a thriving counter culture make Taos unique, vibrant and spiritually alive.  At the same time, New Mexico and Taos County top the nation’s lists for per capita rates of poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, violent crime and suicide.  This is a place of extreme contrasts and serving its community comes with many joys and challenges.

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