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Maternity Meditation Class



The period of pregnancy is an important time to establish or deepen your connection to your own body and your baby as preparation for labor and beyond. 

Our Embodied Yoga classes are based on a holistic approach to yoga focusing on breath, movement, visualization, meditation, and education allowing you to deepen into a space of connection with self and baby. 

Throughout our yoga series we hope to empower you with embodied experience of tools to use throughout your pregnancy, labor and beyond. We believe in the efficiency of preparing for childbirth by deepening the mind body connection and preparing for childbirth from a place of embodied education and trust in the bodies innate ability to birth babies. 

Our classes weave together childbirth education and yoga to help empower your choice of positions, movements, breath techniques and connection with the body to help you prepare for the experience of child birth. We advocate for informed consent within all of the choices you have to make leading up to your birth experience and intend to help you make these choices from a place of confidence in knowing what is best for you, your body, and your baby. 

Throughout pregnancy it is important to create rituals of self care that allow you to deepen into a state of inner awareness connecting you to the messages, sensations, and needs of your body and baby throughout the pregnancy. In our class we hope to help you establish this inner awareness which you can then take with you as you enter into the transformational portal of labor and childbirth.

Right now our prenatal yoga classes are being offered in a 1 on 1 setting in the comfort of the clients home. 

We hope to soon bring community classes into the Taos area. 

To inquire about 1 on 1 Yoga sessions or series please submit the form below.

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