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Red Raspberry Leaf

Red raspberry leaf is known as the most widely beneficial and safest of all uterine pregnancy and tonic herbs. It contains an alkaloid called fragrine which tones pelvic muscles and the uterus. It is viewed by many as the most important herb women can take for overall uterine health. For centuries it has been used as a remedy to increase fertility by aiding in detoxification of extra hormones that may impede conception. More recently, raspberry leaf is being recommended in pregnancy because it is chock full of vitamins and minerals. It has a particularly rich concentration of vitamins C and E. It is also an excellent source for easily assimilated iron and calcium, two important minerals for both mama and baby during pregnancy and beyond. Raspberry leaf also contains vitamins A and B complex and smaller amounts of phosphorus and potassium.

The wonderful thing about raspberry leaf tea is that it is safe for virtually everyone at every stage of life. Midwives recommend pregnant women drink 1-2 quarts of raspberry leaf tea a day. It helps ease nausea in pregnancy and has been thought to assist in the production of breast milk due to its high mineral content. Most importantly, this wonderful herb works to tone the uterus. It will not strengthen labor contractions, but it will help the contracting uterus work more efficiently and effectively. This may also be helpful in preventing postpartum hemorrhage due to a relaxed or atonic uterus. Brewed as a tea or infusion, it is a mild-tasting herb which makes for a pleasant tasting cup of hot or iced tea. You need about 1 Tablespoon raspberry leave per cup of hot tea. As with most herbs, it should be stored in a dark, cool place. It delicious served hot or cold.

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